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3301 Broadway
Ground Floor, 
Room 12, Town Hall

Cheektowaga, NY  14227
(716) 686-3440
Fax:  686-3550
Hours: 9AM - 4:30PM

Town of Cheektowaga - Assessor

 Jeneen McSkimming
e-mail jmcskimming
Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM , EST. Monday through Friday

This page was created to assist you with researching information on properties located within the Town of Cheektowaga in an effort to maintain equitable assessments.  Other resources available on our website are: Exemption Forms, Forms to Dispute Value, Important Assessment Dates, Recent Tax Rates, Assessors Office Newsletter, and Links.

Mission Statement of the Department of Assessment
The Cheektowaga Department of Assessment is responsible for creating fair and equitable assessments yearly. We administer real property tax exemptions as provided by the New York State Real Property Tax Law and locally adopted laws. We educate the general public about Real Property Assessment Administration.

Current Assessment Rate
The Town of Cheektowaga implements an annual assessment equity program and currently assesses at 100% of full market value. If properties are fairly assessed, then taxes are fairly distributed.

Research Assessment Information

              Current Assessment Calendar

January 1

Prepare final changes to the asssessment roll for the levy of Town & County taxes

Through March 1st

Accept and process exemptions

March 1st

Taxable status and Valuation Day (last day to apply for exemptions)


Informal assessment reviews, education classess - assessment books & forms are at the libraries

May 1st

Tentative assessment roll & review assessment inventory and values

May 27th, 2015

Board of Assessment Review meets, 'Grievance Day' for Assessment challenges.

July 1st

Final Assessment Roll

July 1st - July 30th

Small Claims Assessment Review

Sept 1st

School Tax Bills

Sept 1st - January (New Year)

Building permit processing and Annual Assessment Equity Program.

Physical Inspection Request
To request a physical inspection of property (click here) for a data and assessment check.  Please include your name, address, & phone number.
Disclaimer (Please Read)
The Cheektowaga Assessment Department has compiled assesment data and images for the sole purposes of assessing property value for taxing purposes; it is not intended for use by others or for any other purpose except for public service. The Cheektowaga Assessors Office does not accept any responsibility, financial or otherwise, from any use of this material, including loss of profit, indirect, special or consequential damages. There are no warranties expressed or implied.   The Town of Cheektowaga accepts no liability for the content of this assessment research tool, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information obtained through this research tool, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing by the Town of Cheektowaga Assessors Department. This site contains real property data, residential and commercial parcel photographs and comparative values for use in the process of assessment review only.  The Town of Cheektowaga Assessors Department assessment information is updated periodically on this site.  Information will be updated as new releases are developed.  For the most recent and accurate assessment information contact the Assessment Department at 716-686-3440.
2014 Final Roll
2014 Tenative Assessment Roll
2014 Tentative Commerical Assessments at 100% Full Value
Commerical Property Class Codes
Proposed Assessment Conversion PowerPoint
Buffalo News Article
New Income Limit for Basic Star Property Tax Exemption
Town Calendar

Challenge Assessment

Assessment Challenge Forms

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Exemption Forms

Exemption Forms