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Police Department
3223 Union Rd

Cheektowaga, NY  14227
(716) 686-3525

Town of Cheektowaga - Animal Control

Aaron Kandefer
Animal Control Officer

If you have an animal emergency, call us at 716-686-3525.

If we are unavailable, contact the Cheektowaga Police Department at 716-686-3501. Animal Control Officers are here to control the dog population of Cheektowaga, Sloan, and Depew west of Transit Road. We enforce all town and village codes as well as the housing and care of stray dogs in our jurisdiction. Our primary job is dog control for the areas listed. If your dog goes missing, contact us immediately! We will help you look for your lost dog. KEEP TAGS ON YOUR DOG! It is the law in New York State that all dogs must be identified! If your dog is licensed in the town we will return your dog to you immediately. We cannot release any dog if it is not licensed. We will also respond to any animal in distress, render aid, or take the appropriate course of action under the circumstances. In the event we are unavailable, you can call the SPCA serving Erie County at 716-875-7360, they also provide animal rescue services. We DO NOT take in or care for cats. All feline issues-domestic or feral should be directed to the SPCA or any of the cat rescue groups operating in the area. Town codes and Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law do not apply to cats. To contact the SPCA for assistance with felines, dial 716-875-7360.

 We pick up and dispose of small dead animals on the town roadways only. If you spot a dead animal, call us here at 716-686-3525. WE DO NOT PICK UP THE DEER! Please contact the Town of Cheektowaga Highway Department at 716-686-3450. We do not trap and remove nuisance wildlife from private property. Contact a Nuisance Wildlife Trapper for these services. The Town does not pay for these services. Trapping and exterminator services are the responsibility of the homeowner. All rat issues should be directed to the Erie County Health Dept. They can be reached at 716-961-6800. At this time the Health Department is operating a baiting program for the control of rats, please contact them for service. Any questions you have can be directed to our office at 716-686-3525. If you get the answering service, leave a detailed message, your contact information and we will get back to you when we return to the office.
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