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275 Alexander Street
2nd Floor, Alexander Community Center
Cheektowaga, NY  14211
(716) 897-7288
Fax: 897-7299
Sewer Dept. 896-7502

Town of Cheektowaga - Engineering Department
Patrick T. Bowen, P.E.
Town Engineer

The Engineering Department provides technical support and guidance to the Town Board, in its role as the manager of the Town's infrastructure. This guidance during the planning, permit and approval process for public works projects initiated by the Town, by other governmental agencies, or by private developers, ensures the orderly extension and improvement to Town owned and maintained facilities. The Department plays an important role in promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the community through its management of the Town's sanitary sewer systems, administration of storm water and flood control activities and its role in enhancing and protecting the interests of the Town in the project approval process, ensuring responsible development.

  • Provides technical guidance and assistance to the Town Board and various Town Departments
  • Oversees the operation of the Sewer Maintenance Department and the Main Pump Station. Co-ordinates sewer service with the Buffalo Sewer Authority and Erie County Sewer District No.
  • Town Engineer serves on the Board of Managers for the Erie County Sewer District No. 1
  • Undertakes infrastructure management activities including construction, maintenance and repair of pump stations, lift stations, sanitary sewer systems, drainage systems, bridges, waterline extensions, building improvements, etc.
  • Administers contracts for professional engineering consultant services, prepares project construction cost estimates, prepares budgets and reports concerning construction activities
  • Plan long range capital projects
  • Implement operations and maintenance procedures to comply with State and Federal regulations and environmental mandates.
  • Administer various ordinances:
    Sewer Use Ordinance - Industrial Waste Discharge Permit
    Public Improvement Permit Ordinance
    Drainage Systems Ordinance
    Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
  • Administer Public Works Projects:

      Project management, contact administration, inspection, record keeping, etc. for various capital improvements projects including:

      storm sewer/drainage systems, sanitary sewer/pump stations/rehabilitation, parking lot construction, highway construction/reconstruction - bridge construction rehabilitation, building construction and renovation/remodeling, highway lighting, waterline construction

  • Responsible for the planning, development, budgeting and administration of storm water management and flood control activities
  • Directs the maintenance of major local drainage systems, detention basins and flood plain management
  • Provides inspection and supervision of erosion control, fertilization and weed control programs for major streams and flood control projects
  • Provides supervision and inspection for contracted creek and ditch improvement projects
  • Review commercial/industrial/residential development plans for compliance with established regulations, codes and standards
  • Residential - subdivision plan review; lot grading and drainage; sanitary sewer extension; utility extensions; highway design; highway lighting systems; map covers; easements; review of legal descriptions, deeds, etc.
  • Commercial/industrial site plan review; storm water pollution, storm water management and detention basin design; sanitary sewer loading; co-ordinate approvals with other regulatory agencies
  • Prepare specifications for bidding of various departmental needs such as vehicles, refuse packers, pipe and construction materials, fertilization and weed control, re-roofing, sewer equipment, work uniforms, lighting supplies, street signs and many other needs as requested
  • Review projects for compliance with the State Environmental Quality Review Act
  • Provide for aerial and photogramatic mapping of the Tow
  • Coordinate the Town's GIS mapping with the host of the mapping website
  • Updates the official Town street map
  • Provides technical advice to property owners on sewer and drainage related problems
  • Maintains an extensive inventory of Town facilities documents and records
  • Investigate and track down illicit discharges
  • Manage and monitor the Town's flood control projects
  • Serve as Town representative with the Western New York Storm Sewer Coalition
  • Manage and monitor photovoltaic solar panels on the four Town buildings
  • Assist property owners, insurance agencies and real estate agents with flood insurance inquiries

    Western New York Stormwater Coalition Public Outreach link

    Erie County Sanitary Sewer Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) Program link

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