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3175 Union Rd.
Cheektowaga, NY  14227
(716) 686-3426
Fax: 686-3455

Town of Cheektowaga - Sanitation Department & Recycling
Scott Kowal
General Crew Chief

Please call the Sanitation Department if you are unsure about your garbage collection day. 

Sanitation Requirements /
Sanitation Policy

¨All household garbage must be placed in your Town of Cheektowaga garbage tote. The weight limit for the tote is 150 pounds maximum. Please do not overload the tote at any time.

¨ If you need an additional Town of Cheektowaga garbage or recycling tote, they are available for purchase at the Town Clerk's Office, located on the first floor of Cheektowaga Town Hall.

¨ Please record your tote’s serial number. You may place your address on the tote with adhesive numbers but, please, no painting of address on tote. Also, have the handle side of the tote next to the street to help Sanitation Department workers move it to the rear of the truck for quick pick up.

¨ All materials must be placed at the curb by 6:00 A.M. on your regularly scheduled collection day.

¨ NO Materials shall be placed at the curb before 3:00 P.M. on the day before your scheduled collection day.

¨ Carpet, carpet padding, pool liners/covers and similar bulky items must be cut into 4 foot widths/lengths, rolled and tied, not to exceed 40 pounds per bundle

¨ All plasterboard, drywall, paneling, doors, wood, shingles(and similar items) which result from work performed by the owner or occupant of a residential dwelling must be cut into 4 foot sections, tied in bundles not exceeding 40 lbs and 4 feet in length and neatly stacked at the curb or first placed in an authorized tote. The quantity of such debris shall not exceed two totes or six bundles. Additionally, we do not take landscape timbers, railroad ties, pallets, firewood or stumps. [Town Code 206-4]

¨ Mattresses and Box Springs MUST be wrapped in plastic for pick up; they will be collected on your scheduled garbage day. 

¨Furniture is picked up with regular trash.  A sleeper sofa must have the metal (fold-out section) removed prior to pickup.  Sanitation must be contacted for metal pickup at 686-3426.

¨ Construction debris from contracted work must be disposed of by your contractor except for toilets; they will be collected with the regular garbage.

Place your garbage at the curb prior to 6:00 am on collection day, but not before 3:00 p.m. on the evening before collection.  If your garbage or trash is out prior to 3:00 pm the day before your scheduled pickup you are in violation of town ordinances and subject to a fine.  If your garbage isn't collected as scheduled, please call sanitation at 686-3426.

If your scheduled pick up falls on Christmas Day or New Years Day, then pick up will be delayed one day the entire week.  ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS ARE REGULAR SCHEDULE.

Large Appliances / Microwaves / Metal Pick-up

You must call the Sanitation Department (686-3426) 24 hours prior to placing at the curb for pickup on your regular collection day.¨ REMOVE ALL DOORS FROM RERIGERATORS AND FREEZERS  (Copper, steel, cast iron, appliances, sinks, etc.)

Yard Waste: (mid April through mid November)

Grass clippings must be placed in open containers or biodegradable bags not EXCEEDING 40 POUNDS. Do not mix papers, plastics or stone with the clippings. Plastic bags are not accepted.

¨ Branches will be picked up throughout town on a rotating basis. Sanitation will start by collecting all items not exceeding 4' in length or 40 pounds (tied in bundles). Branches that exceed 4' or 40 pounds will be picked up the following day by the Highway Department. Be sure all branches are piled at curbside, in an open area (not to block the sidewalk or street). As an option, residents can dispose of such branches at the Highway yard during normal business hours. 

¨ Large landscaping materials (such as tree trunks and stumps) must be removed by your landscaping contractor

Fall Time (September - November)

Leaf Pick-up:  As of December 18th, all leaves should be bagged for pick up by the Sanitation Department

Hazardous Materials

¨ Pesticides, pool chemicals, oil-based paints, paint thinners, batteries (including Auto) flammable materials and liquids, and similar materials WILL NOT BE COLLECTED by Sanitation

¨ Most hazardous materials can be disposed of when Erie County has a Hazardous Waste Drop Off Day. (Contact Erie County at 858-6800 for date of next drop off day).

Recycling Pickup is provided under contract by Republic Services, Inc.

For Customer Service or questions call: Republic Services 1-800-283-4220

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