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In February, 2009, the Town of Cheektowaga filed a joint application with the City of Buffalo to the New York State Housing Finance Agency for funding under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP).  Through the cooperative effort of the Town and the City of Buffalo, the Town was able to receive an NSP grant from HUD in the amount of $648,244 and a NYS Affordable Housing grant of $165,000 from the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation for the acquisition and rehabilitation or demolition of foreclosed properties in targeted neighborhoods.

During 2010, the following four dilapidated, foreclosed properties were acquired and demolished with NSP grant funds:

–      16 Randolph Avenue

–      20 Randolph Avenue

–      23 Hoerner Avenue

–      36 Euclid Avenue

The following four foreclosure properties have been acquired and are being rehabilitated for resale to income-eligible homebuyers during 2012 through Belmont Housing Resources for WNY:

–      80 Hedwig Avenue

–      115 Pine Ridge Road

–      1005 Walden Avenue

–      1062 Walden Avenue.

Net proceeds from the sale of these properties will be used to acquire additional foreclosed properties for rehabilitation and resale to income-eligible homebuyers. These projects represent the Town’s on-going commitment to revitalizing the Walden Avenue area and maintaining the neighborhood as a safe and desirable place to live.  More information will be posted on this site as the program moves forward.

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