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Fall 2019 Schedule

AARP Smart Driving Classes 2019


Volunteers from Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) in conjunction with the IRS and AARP will again prepare free income tax returns for anyone within their scope of tax preparation. NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE TAKEN. First come, first served taxpayer preparation will be based on the number of tax counselors in attendance for any given day so please be patient with them.

The counselors have attended strict classes and have passed three different tests required by the IRS, in order to serve the taxpayers of Cheektowaga.

As a reminder, items required to prepare tax returns include: prior year tax returns, all W-2’s, all 1099’s (they will need the cost basis if you have a 1099-B), interest and dividend statements, property taxes, social security (if applicable), and Healthcare Form 1095-A (if applicable). Please also remember if the fair market value of your home is $85,000 or below and your gross income is $18,000 or less, your are entitled to a credit under form IT-214. The market value of your home is found on your property tax bill. Bring photo ID and Social Security cards for yourself and your dependents. If you want direct deposit, bring your checkbook.

*For Seniors ages 65+, if you are NOT filing a tax return and just want assistance with your Enhanced STAR Application, our Volunteers can help you. Be sure to bring all the proper documentation.

3349 Broadway

TUESDAYS, February 5th  through April 2nd 

10am-1:30 pm (last person in by 1:00 pm)

WEDNESDAYS, February 6th through April 3rd 

10am-1:30 pm (last person in by 1:00 pm)

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