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Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers Exemption (rp-466-a)

The Town of Cheektowaga now offers the newly created volunteer firefighters/ambulance workers exemption beginning with the 2024 roll year. This exemption is renewed annually, until the volunteer has served for 20+ years. At that time it becomes a permanent lifetime exemption.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The property must be owned by the volunteer firefighter or ambulance worker.
  • This must be the volunteer’s primary address.
  • The property is used exclusively for residential purposes.
  • The volunteer fire company, fire department or volunteer ambulance worker must serve the Town of Cheektowaga.
  • The volunteer is certified by the authority having jurisdiction as an enrolled and active member.
  • The volunteer has a minimum of two calendar years of service preceding the date of application.
  • The un-remarried spouse of a deceased volunteer with 20 years of service is eligible to receive the exemption.
  • The un-remarried spouse of a volunteer killed in the line of duty with at least 2 years of service is eligible to receive the exemption.


The following information is required:

  • Driver’s License showing property location where the exemption is being applied.
  • Letter certifying volunteer service as an enrolled active member and for how long.
  • Complete the rp-466-a (pdf)
  • For un-remarried spouses, a copy of marriage certificate.
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