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Animal Control Office
This office is responsible for picking up stray and injured dogs, investigating cases of cruelty, handling adoptions of animals, conducting the annual rabies clinic and other functions concerning domestic animals.

Assessors Office
Establishes the assessed value of your property by appraising the value of that property under applicable state laws.

Building Department – Provides services related to building and land use related matters within the Town.

Community & Economic Development – Provides housing rehabilitation and economic development loan programs for income qualified persons/families, with the goal of making the Town a better place to live, work, and conduct business.

Emergency Services

Employee Relations/Personnel

Engineering – Provides technical guidance for the Towns infrastructure.

Facilities & Parks Maintenance– The Facilities Department maintains all Town buildings including the maintenance of our Park System to promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the community.

HighwayMaintenance of town roadways includes the repair of pot holes, sweeping of all roadways with particular attention to intersections. Other duties include drainage projects, road resurfacing, tree trimmings and tree removals, maintenance of recharge basins (sumps), and installing and maintaining catch basins. Keeping main roads and secondary roads clear of snow and ice during inclement weather is also a top priority for this department.
Traffic Maintenance Unit- is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of all street lights, signs, traffic signals and pavement markings on Town roads.

Information Technology & Records Management Department – Oversees the Town’s information and communication networks and also identifies, preserves and encourages the use of archival records. The program provides for efficient storage of records, makes records available when needed, and ensures the legal disposition of obsolete records.

Justice Court
The Town Court plays a vital role in the protection of our safety and our rights as residents. The Justice Court handles civil, criminal and small claims matters. Any criminal act, which occurs in the Town, is initially under the jurisdiction of our Town Court.

Police Department
The Cheektowaga Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of our citizen’s and visitor’s to the community. We are committed to enforcing the state’s laws and town’s ordinances. We will work in cooperation with the community to preserve and improve the quality of life, making the Town a safer, more pleasant place to live, work and visit.

Sewer Department
Cheektowaga has 263 miles of sanitary sewer system consists of gravity pipes (trunk lines and main lines) and forced mains. Town of Cheektowaga also has 10 lift stations and one main pumping station, The Town of Cheektowaga maintains this sewer system through flushing, root cutting and televising of these lines on a yearly basis. The Sewer Department is also involved in a program of removing inflow and infiltration of clear water into our system. To see more about this issue, go to the Inflow & Infiltration page of our website. Click here

Sanitation Department
This Department provides the service of collection and disposal of solid wastes. The Department also collects and disposes of lawn and garden waste, discarded furniture and appliances.

Senior Services
This Department promotes and supports senior citizen involvement in a healthy and interactive lifestyle through programs, activities and services.

Town Clerk’s Office
The Office of the Town Clerk is the central processing center for record keeping and administrative duties of the Town. It is responsible for recording activities of the Town Government and the central depository of documents and papers vital to the lives of the townspeople. Some of the more noticeable duties include the issuance of licenses, permits and vital statistic records. The Clerk also serves as the recording secretary during Town Board Meetings and is responsible for the proper filings to NYS for funds received by the Town.

Tax Office
The Tax Office handles many requests for information from taxpayers, lending institutions, attorneys, title searchers and appraisers. The primary responsibility of the office is the billing and collection of property taxes, special service charges, and special assessments.

Youth and Recreational Services
The recreation department provides a wide variety of year round and seasonal programs designed to meet the leisure of our residents of all ages. These programs include offerings for pre-school, school age, young adult, adults and families.



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