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2022 Town & County (Property) Tax Payments are due by Midnight, February 15th without penalty
Special Evening Hours:
Tuesday, February 15th 4:30pm to 9:00pm

Payments Accepted by:

  • Mail, using the yellow return envelope that is enclosed with your bill
  • In Person at Cheektowaga Town Hall – Town Clerks Office, Room 201, 9-4:30 daily except holidays.
  • Credit Cards accepted in person or online (NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS ACCEPTED ONLINE)
    Visa, Mastercard or Discover
    The service provider will charge a 2.45% convenience fee per transaction
  • Drop Box- located on the outside of Town Hall, open 24/hrs
    The box is emptied at MIDNIGHT, February 15th, February 28th, March 15th, March 31st, April 15th and May 2nd. Any items found in the box the following morning will be subject to the new penalty schedule (located on the front of your bill).

Partial Payments accepted in any amount, in person or by drop box ONLY.

Penalties area applied based on the late fee schedule located on the front of the tax bill. Penalties are assessed on outstanding balances after the due date and in accordance to the Erie County Tax Act and NYS Real Property Tax Law Sec 925. There is NO provision for the waiver of penalties.

To View or Pay 2022 Town & County (Property) Tax Bill

To View 2017-2021 Town & County or School Tax Bills (view Link to see how to find previous years tax bill receipts)

To View 2004-2016 Town/County Tax Bills & School Tax Bills History

All questions can be emailed to or feel free to call (716) 686-3981 or 3475. All phone calls will be returned within 24 hours.

If you need to change where your bill is being mailed or to notify us of your mortgage being paid in full please submit the Name/Address Change Form

To view information regarding BACK TAXES visit Erie County Real Property Tax Department.

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