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The Town of Cheektowaga Office of Emergency Services was created in 1981. The main responsibility of our office is to conduct a hazard analysis of the Town and then develop a plan and resources to handle a hazard or emergency. We are also responsible for keeping the training records of all town employees regarding the National Incident Management System ( NIMS ). In 2006, with the help of our Police Department, we formed the Town of Cheektowaga Community Emergency Response Team ( CERT ) We now have 72 members on our team.

In an EMERGENCY call 911 or Cheektowaga Police Dispatch (716)686-3501. Dispatch can help direct you to the proper department or advice you of current assistance already in place.

How Prepared Are You?

September is National Preparedness Month

What is an Emergency Preparedness Calculator

Whether you need to know how many beans it will take to get your family through 72 hours or are thinking of setting up your own prep calculator, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has an excellent example of how residents can easily individualize their preparedness kits. Site visitors, simply enter the number of family members by age range and the calculator tells them how much food and water to store—and gives them a check list of other needs as a bonus.  Emergency Preparedness Kit Calculator (Link)

How to Prepare for a Winter Storm, Extreme Heat or Flooding

FEMA’s website offers guidance on what to do, how to stay safe and HOW TO PREPARE for such emergencies  – visit

Official website of the Department of Homeland Security offers: “be-informed”

Active Shooter information, Cybersecurity or Power Outages
Ready yourself now so your prepared later

Erie County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Planmore information


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