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For Alexander Building Access- use communication pad at the front door to notify the department of your arrival, they will grant you access.

The Town of Cheektowaga Building Inspection Department is the first stop for all proposed developments or construction within the Town. In addition to reviewing plans, issuing building permits and conducting inspections, the office provides the following services or functions:

Permits are required for new structures, additions, renovations, swimming pools, sheds, demolition of buildings, etc. Permits are also required for plumbing work. It is advisable to contact the office when any work or improvements are contemplated for any residential or commercial/industrial property. Local/state regulations may require certain approvals or reviews.

Permit Requirements for a Change in Commercial Occupant – Prior to occupying any commercial space within any building in the Town of Cheektowaga a change in commercial occupant permit must be applied for and approved by the Building Department. If you are proposing a new store or business within the Town of Cheektowaga, whether it involves a purchase or lease of a store front, commercial space, or portion of an existing building, plans must be presented to the Building Department for the utilization of such commercial space/building. Plans are required even if there are no proposed alterations or renovations. A permit and plan requirement is necessary so that the Building Department can confirm that the proposed business is permitted under the Zoning Law and that the intended use of the space/building complies with the “Existing Building Code of New York State”.

Pre-filing Project Review 
The Town Planner will meet with developers/applicants to discuss proposed projects. Information concerning all aspects of planning a site will be provided. These include zoning setbacks, parking requirements, landscaping, other agency involvement and potential area of concern based on past projects and discussions with agencies.

Environmental Review Coordination
The Town Planner receives and coordinates review of projects subject to NYS SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) regulations. Provides guidance in filing of applications, acts as intake officer and provides general oversight of the environmental review process.

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